Is your internet connection slow?

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If you’ve been experiencing a slow internet connection today this might be why.  The internet has many moving parts to make it function but at its core are a bunch of routers talking to each other.  They run a protocol called BGP, Border Gate Protocol. In a nutshell this lets each router find where the information you are searching for is located so it can help deliver it to you. This all happens in a matter of milliseconds. Within BGP there a certain amount “routes”. Many older routers and routing software can only support 512,000 routes. 

Today the limit of 512,000 was reached. What this means is the older routers and software literally can not see everything on the internet. Since BGP is a fluctuating protocol this means that sometimes what you’re trying to get can be seen and other times it can’t. I’m pretty surprised this has not received major news coverage considering the only fix is for all these routers and/or their software need to be physically upgraded. 

Until the upgrades are done there will continue to be issues which can be widespread. 

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