Is Washing Your Hands Still the Best?

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A widespread use of antibacterial soap and body wash has prompted a study by the industry to prove the benefit and safety of these products. The reason…because the Food and Drug Administration has charged the manufactures of antibacterial products resulting in a challenge not only to prove the effectiveness, but also to prove that they prevent illness and the spread of infection. The FDA is taking it one step further and also asking the industry to prove that their products ingredients are safe for long-term use.

Although many of us use these products everyday and sometimes just for convenience, there is no evidence that they are more effective in preventing the spread of germs more than soap and water.

Some data suggests that the long term exposure to the active ingredient Triclosan used in antibacterial products could pose a health risk. Studies show that in lab rats, Triclosan decreases the thyroids ability to produce hormones with long term exposure.


So are the hand sanitizers, wipes and antibacterial products used in health care settings effective? In my opinion, do what your Mother old you and “Wash Your Hands With Hot Water and Soap!”


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