Is Sea Salt Healthier For You?

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halo mc collection matchmaking issues Increasingly over the years, more people have asked me about sea salt…what is it and exactly what are the health benefits? Well, sea salt is obtained directly form the evaporation of the seawater. The production of sea salt can be dated back to prehistoric times. Sea salt is 100% NATURAL. It is not processed, therefore, contains higher levels of trace minerals like: magnesium, potassium and calcium.

conocer personas el salvador Sea salt DOES NOT have lower sodium content than it’s counterpart, table salt. They BOTH contain 40% sodium, unlike the April 2011 survey reported by AHA. In this study it mentions that up to 61% of those surveyed said they believed sea salt to have less sodium.

his response Sea salt has a more coarse appearance and a crunchy texture. It also has a stronger flavor, which not only makes it more desirable, but you will USE LESS. In my mind, if it tastes better and I use less of it…then I AM consuming less sodium, which makes sea salt a better choice than table salt. There are also many different types of sea salts that can enhance the flavors of your foods used in cooking. Some of these types of sea salts are: French, Celtic, Hawaiian, Fluer de Sec and Kala Namek. Take time to look these up, as they can enhance foods differently. My advice, make the switch to Sea Salt!

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