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Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone feels obligated to have every moment of their day filled? Society tells us we need to be busy, because if we aren’t busy then we just simply aren’t living. I think it’s a lie. That’s right, I’m questioning the status quo about how busy I actually have to be before they say that I’m too busy. I’ve talked with many of my friends about this busy life phenomenon and I live a busy life myself. I know that each of my friends goes to bed at night absolutely exhausted from their day. We are all constantly busy with the fast paced motions of our daily lives.

College is supposed to be our time to relax, party, make mistakes, and focus on our grades. However, we’re constantly bombarded with these ideas that we need to be involved in eight different clubs, join sororities, work two jobs, and have every second planned in order to get the most out of our experience at school. In reality, balance is what we need, not ten different responsibilities.

This semester I have taken on numerous responsibilities which make my daily life a hectic nightmare. I currently have everyday planned, and if I don’t have a day planned I feel obligated to find something to do in order to make sure I have a purpose for that day. What if I want my purpose for the day to be relaxing, or catching up on my favorite TV shows? Well, I would then be considered lazy and that is unacceptable to our society. For some reason college students are often pinned as lazy if they decide that one day they just aren’t going to do anything except catch up on Jersey Shore, drink beer, and hang out with their friends.

I think this lifestyle is the answer to everyone’s prayers. We all need a set day or time during the week which we have no set obligations. No homework, no schoolwork, no thinking – just breathing, laughing, and enjoying ourselves. I find that my friends often fill their schedules to the brim with clubs, activities, work, and Greek life. We are so focused on being involved that we forget this is the only time in our lives we are going to be able to dedicate that entire day to relaxing. Soon it’s only going to be a couple of hours, and when we have kids it’s going to be moments.

I must include myself in on this crazy lifestyle binge because I myself have a crazy lifestyle. I have four jobs (2 of which I work at least once a week), I am involved in three clubs (one of which I am on the executive board), and I have an internship. You’re probably thinking that I am very involved and hold a lot of activities at school – yes you’re right, but there are students here at WCU that are even more involved than I am! I live with two other girls and we rarely see one another during the day. Another one of my friends works 30 hours a week and doesn’t have any time to be social. We all have one thing in common – coffee is our best friend.

So call us lazy, unmotivated, or boring – but in the end we’re balanced. We’ve got our relaxing time, our fun time, and our serious time. And in the end we’ll be more mobile, motivated, and exciting because we get to take our day to relax and our night to have a good time.

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