“iPosture” – A Growing Phenomenon

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by Dr. Lauren Schofield, Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center 

If you have been suffering from back problems lately, it may be your cell phone’s fault! There are a growing number of people in pain from a new syndrome called “iPosture”.

Apparently this is the posture we take when we use our cell phones…the slouching and bending our necks, even our wrists! This posture, especially in our under developed children, is causing aches and pains in the spine.

Strengthening the back and stretching the chest and shoulder area is one thing that we can do to help this syndrome. But in developing children or overuse posture in an adult, one needs to do more than exercises! According to a new survey conducted by a healthcare provider found 84% of young people suffered with back pain last year. The chiropractic adjustments restore proper movement in the spine where those muscles attach. Reinforcing proper alignment of the spine is imperative to obtaining good posture.

So in a world where it seems like everyone is looking down, take the time to give back to your spine with chiropractic adjustments and exercises. Make sure you set a good example for the next generation, which statistically has already lost more work time due to back pain than that of its’ previous generation. 


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