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Thank you Gilmore’s, and my taste buds thank you as well…

After graduating from college, I was lucky enough to spend three months backpacking through Europe. After years of downing Ramen Noodles in-between classes, I was far from the classification of “foodie”. Cuisine took a backseat to caffeine, pizza and whatever could get me through an all-nighter. My degree in Biology did not require coursework in food preparation, pairing or palette.

Therefore, my real education in food began when I landed in France with a backpack the size of a large child fastened to my shoulders, wide eyes and an empty stomach full of anticipation. I likened myself to Julia Child, eating and drinking my way through Paris, Nice and Marseille, wonderfully expanding right before your eyes with every mouthful. As each luxurious dish was delicately placed before me, I would clap my hands and exclaim the flavor connoisseur’s battle cry, “Bon Appetit!” Each morsel landed on my taste buds with an explosion of savory goodness. Eating became a delightful fascination with each chef’s creative capacity to produce the most extraordinary masterpieces – I was channeling Julia and loving every moment.

Upon leaving Europe, I have experienced snippets of greatness at the table, but no one could touch France. No one, that is, until I met Chef Peter Gilmore. From the moment you step into Gilmore’s, you can’t help but declare, “Bon Appetit!” with a little Julia Child inflection. Peter creates French magic at his restaurant by entwining atmosphere, aroma and exquisite cuisine to leave you floating with an air of fulfillment upon the completion of each course.

Thank you Gilmore’s, and my taste buds thank you as well!

If you can’t jet off to France anytime soon, then join Chef Peter and his lovely staff as they guide you through a food adventure, inspired by everyone’s kitchen angel, Julia Child.

Meghan Kelly

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