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Had a fantastic weekend!  I took a 3 day trip to DC and in addition to the typical sightseeing and satisfying cultural curiosities, I went SHOPPING!  Georgetown is one of the major shopping districts of Washington DC and boasts lots of great clothing and furniture stores.  But the one that I was most excited to visit was AllSaints.  It’s a higher end clothing store with progressive silhouettes for both women and men.  While I did give my credit card a work out in this boutique, my main excitement regarding this store was that its fixturing and display are the inspiration for my new boutique.

While searching for ideas of what I wanted the new store to look like, I searched through hundreds and hundreds of photos to gather some ideas.  I went from ultra modern décor to Miami glam to keeping it just my West Chester location is.  But in the end, I came across a photo of an AllSaints boutique in Chicago that caught my eye and I decided that would be my inspiration.

I was giddy with excitement to see the boutique for myself.  Sounds nerdy to be fascinated by the metal piping and the brackets that hold the display tables together, but this is me!  While the new shop will not be a spitting image of AllSaints, it will be a starting off point.  In the new Nich, you’ll find a worn down industrial feel with lots of pipes for fixturing, just like Nich in West Chester has.  But I’ll be adding very fancy chandeliers, even hoping to make some of my own light fixtures.  There will be plenty of pretty touches with the addition of reclaimed furniture and mirrors to keep that bit of girlyness in the boutique.    I can’t wait to start working on transforming old pieces into new treasures!

If you’re interested see more photos that have inspired the design at Nich in Collegeville, check out my Pinterest at  Follow me on Pinterest and check back on my blog as I find new ideas and inspiration!

Here are some details that you may be seeing in the new Nich…



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