In honor of opening day, who was your favorite Phillie growing up?

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JayJohnstoneBy Patrick McCrystal, Journalist

In honor of opening day I’ll ask everyone this, who was your favorite Phillie growing up?

I never picked the best or most famous player, even as a kid I always liked the ones that were a little more obscure. Mine was Jay Johnstone. A great left handed hitting right fielder who usually only played against right handed pitchers. And he was well known as a clubhouse prankster.

He was asked to provide a urine sample for a team physical one time but filled the bottle with apple juice, instead. When he handed it to the nurse, she commented, “The color of that is not good. “Whereupon Johnstone took it back from her and said, “Well, let’s pass it back through and see if it gets better,” and gulped down the liquid to her horror. She screamed and ran out of the room.

How could he not be my favorite player? Click Here to tell me who was yours. Play ball!!

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