I thought a Veteran was someone like my Grandfather

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 – Emily Travis

When I was younger I thought a Veteran was someone like my Grandfather, an older man with gray hair, pale wrinkled skin, and tons of stories lingering in his head. Now that I’m older I view a Veteran as a completely different kind of person. To have the bravery to put your life in jeopardy for this country just because you want to – is an honorable choice. As a young adult I view everyone in the Armed Forces with such respect and dignity for putting their life on the line to defend our country. Some believe war is stupid and doesn’t solve anything, I am not disagreeing with those people, but I also know that war got this country to where it is today and without those soldiers fighting in battle America wouldn’t be what it is today.


I know many soldiers and veterans, some old and some young, but I have yet to hear any of them say that they wish they never would have joined the service. A lot of my friends in college, out of college, and even in high school, are enlisted. I believe those young men and women should be honored and treated with the utmost respect. I look up to those young men and women and appreciate that they have the strength to be in battle.

On Veteran’s day we honored a Veteran from World War II, Harry Jamison, and he said that he feels that our veterans and soldiers are not appreciated enough. I sadly agreed with him. I think it’s mostly people my age who do not appreciate our Vet’s or soldiers. We need to make it a point that we are thinking about them, that they are in our thoughts every day, and that we appreciate everything they have done or are currently doing for us. There is no reason that we can’t solute a soldier when we see her in uniform, or thank a marine for his service in Afghanistan because those are the men and women that are going out there fighting for our country.

Luckily, I have not lost anyone that has been in the services and I am so thankful for that. However many of my friends have lost their friend(s) in battle. One of my friends from high school is a marine, and while he was in Afghanistan his Humvee was bombed and his platoon lost a man. My friend was telling this story to me and at the end he said that people were outside of the funeral home protesting the war. Not only did this poor family lose a family member but they had to deal with protestors at the funeral. I was shocked listening to this story and still am.

We need to honor our troops for their sacrifices, bravery, and loyalty to this country. As an American, I appreciate my troops and I am very happy in doing so. Thank you to all of the Veterans and troops who have served in the forces and who are serving now. You’re bravery is very much appreciated.

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