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We just got mudda fuggin’ ENGAGED! It has been nearly 8 years since we first started dating.  like any relationship, we’ve had serious hardships, we’ve had belly aching laughs, we’ve had times where we couldn’t even look at each other and moments when our hearts melted when our eyes would meet (ok, i’ll speak for myself on that, but he better agree!).  i’ve known for so long that i wanted to marry Chris and i can’t imagine looking at another mug for the rest of my life.  i’m getting teary eyed writing this now, so i will quit with the super mushy stuff.

chris proposed to me on friday, dec 7th.  we went out to dinner for his birthday (which was actually on the 8th).  he mentioned that he really wanted to have babies and my response was, and has been, “not til i get a ring”.  we left it at that during dinner.

he walked me to the car (we drove separately) and he mentioned again that he wanted to have babies and i, again, said “not til we get married”.  his response?  ”we’ll i guess i’m going to have to give you this then…”  he pulled the ring box out of his jacket pocket and got down on one knee and said “will you marry me?”.  the tears came immediately and would not stop except for me to gasp “are you for real!  is this for real?!”.  the ring was perfect, and EXACTLY what i wanted – the setting, the size, the band, the sparkle…brotha done good!  i just cried and cried so much though that i couldn’t even answer him and he just hung out on one knee until it was just awkward.  he stood up and and then i said “yes, i’ll marry you!” and hugged him. and then i continued to cry. i hope he found snot attractive or else i was certainly not looking my best.

i did ask if he talked to my parents and he said he did about a month ago.  ugh…i love it…  they knew and were waiting too.  and to my surprise, so were my sister, brother in law, brother and sister in law.

at some point, i did say “wait this is weird!” because i had been waiting for this moment for so long and it finally happened.   it wasn’t how i expected, but i literally had no idea what to expect.  i was surprised, it was witty, the ring was perfection, all of it.  i always thought that when it happened, i would be typical snarky me and respond with a phrase that included the word “finally” in it.  but there was none of that.  all i felt was love and happiness and excitement.

let’s see if that love and excitement continues as the wedding planning starts.  it’s going to be a challenge with having the two stores and then taking on another planning project but i guess i’ll figure out how to fit it all in.  i hear it’s a stressful time but luckily, my man is already thinking about centerpieces that he wants to make.  pays to marry a creative and design conscious man.  :)

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