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Today was kind of a big deal…after many months of emails, phone calls, negotiating, and signatures, I finally received the keys to the new store! I met an employee from the property management group at 4pm at the new location. He let me in, said a few obnoxious things (not exactly a pleasant person) and left to let me revel in the excitement by myself! The first thing I said when I walked in was “it looks like a big empty garage!”. He said “You’ll make it look nice in here”. YES I WILL!

These are photos of the interior. Not much to look at, but just you wait!

This is the front of the store, front the outside and from the inside.

Back of the store, and the gravel, if you can imagine it, will be the office and backstock room.

I think I’ll be able to submit the drawings to the township this week for permits. At that point it will take about 2 weeks to get the permits so then we’ll FINALLY be able to start construction. I’m getting anxious about the time line because I really want to be open in October. I think it will be really important to be open for at least a few weeks before Black Friday and Holiday shopping really starts to get underway. In a conversation with my general contractor, he said the store should be ready by Thanksgiving though. EEKS! How about 3 weeks earlier? It’s a race against the clock, that’s for sure.

Another exciting tidbit is that someone called me in West Chester asking to apply to the store in Collegeville! That made it pretty real for me. Someone wants to work in the new store already!

I haven’t really felt too stressed about it, although last night I did panic in the middle of the night. I woke up at around 4:45 and started toiling over what sort of flooring I should have in my office. I couldn’t sleep until I looked up pricing of different options on my phone. And even then, I was having trouble sleeping…concrete with rugs, linoleum with rugs, carpeting??? AHHHHH! Maybe by the next blog entry, I will have chosen a flooring for back there. That’s breaking news so make sure you’re staying tuned…

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