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When I moved to West Chester from Philly, the one thing I couldn’t let go of or take with me was my Russian phenom hairdresser, Alexi. About every two months, my hair day would come and I would wake, already dreading the traffic, cost of parking and mourn my wasted Saturday traveling to Philly. Something had to change and it wasn’t going to be my hair.

That is when I started digging. I was determined to find the West Chester expert in color, cut and overall hair care if I was going to cheat on Alexi. When I started my hair-raising research project, I was pleasantly surprised with the number and quality of salons in my new hometown. However, one stylist stood out among the rest – Christy Enoches Cosgrove at La Difference Salon and Day Spa.

Early on, Christy’s teachers knew she excelled in math and science. A math whiz, Christy was winning competitions as a junior that only seniors had won previously. A high school teacher actually hired Christy at an accounting firm during tax season to complete forms, perform calculations and get elbow deep in credits and debits. All signs were pointing to a career as a chemist, mathematician, researcher, etc. Which is why her teachers and school counselors had a fit when Christy announced her senior year that she wanted to be a stylist, just like her mom, Mary Lou. Mary Lou founded La Difference Salon and Day Spa over 20 years ago and couldn’t have been more proud of her daughter when she followed in her footsteps.


Although Christy threw everyone for a loop with her declaration, she found her true calling and is still a self-proclaimed science nerd who embodies this title proudly. When I asked Christy why my hair color fades so quickly, I did not get the typical response, “Don’t wash your hair every day.” Instead, Christy taught me about the difference in the chemistry between the products they use at La Difference and other products stylists typically use. L’Oreal has a patented formula for their hair color line where each molecule takes the shape of a starfish, whereas other formulas take the shape of an eel. The starfish shape allows the molecule to easily bond with the hair because the angles create almost a catching technique. The eel shape molecule can just slide right by or through the hair and not bond as efficiently.

By the end of my appointment, I felt like I had a PhD in hair science. Christy is an amazing teacher and so easy to talk to – just like your favorite teacher growing up. With wit, humor and professionalism, Christy identified qualities and characteristics of my hair that I didn’t even realize! I also learned the do’s and don’ts of how to prep your hair before an appointment; that wind, not sun fades your hair color the quickest because wind acts as an oxidizer; and the difference between the L’Oreal products you find in the grocery store and the L’Oreal Proffesionale products she uses at the salon.

Now, I could right a book report on that last topic with what I learned, but putting the science lesson to the side for a moment, when Christy spun me around and revealed her masterpiece, my jaw dropped and all I could verbalize was a “whoo hoo!” My hair looked fantastic! The color was shiny, healthy and complimented my complexion perfectly. This was confirmed later in the day when I received three separate compliments from strangers about my hair.

What happened next was so surprising; I knew from that moment on that La Difference was different. They invited me back to the salon the next week for a complimentary wash and blowout to make sure I loved my hair color, cut and to check if I had any questions regarding the products I purchased. When I returned, I was greeted with warm smiles, a hot cup of coffee and an ultra-attentive staff who made me feel right at home once again.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Alexi. I am so sorry I cheated on you, but I am now in a healthy, long-term relationship with Christy and my hair couldn’t be happier.

Written by Eileen Flynn, newest client to La Difference Salon and Spa

La Difference Salon and Day Spa, located at 830 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA 19380. Call today to book your appointment with Christy (pictured above) at (610) 429-1808.

*Inside tip: Christy is in demand, so the best way to book an appointment is to schedule a 15 minute consultation first and then book your full hair appointment.

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