Husband vs. Wife in the Battle of the Dryer Vent

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Mr. Dryer Vent finally settled the battle of the laundry room. Wifey said the dryer vent needed to be cleaned; Hubby said she was overfilling each load…read on to find out who got to say the sweetest words in any marriage, “I told you so.” 

For months, I had my eye on a cherry red, high efficiency, top of the line model. The amazing features and sleek design wore me down and I finally relented. I wish I was talking about a 1965 GTO convertible, but I’m actually talking about my new washer and dryer set from LG. You know you’re an adult when you get excited over new household appliances – slightly depressing, but true. 

In the first few weeks, my life was made infinitely easier by my wonderful laundry devices, that I affectionately named my washer “Jeeves” and my dryer “Rosie” (after the robot maid from The Jetsons).

Jeeves and Rosie worked hard in the beginning to impress me and then, as the years passed, Rosie began to rebel. I tended to her with care; ensuring her vent was clean and her exhaust clear of any debris or small animals. And yet, Rosie continued to grow grumpier and grumpier. The clothes always came out damp and in my frustration and rage; my stepdaughter began calling me, “Crazy Laundry Lady” or “CLL” because children today seem to have a newfound love of acronyms. I knew something had to be done.

My husband is very mechanical and handy. He can build and repair pretty much anything that breaks. Therefore, I enacted the policies and procedures of the ‘honey do’ list and all stipulations there within. Basically, I begged my husband to take a look at the darn dryer vent. Sick of smelly towels and slightly wet undies, he went to town Rosie with a hanger, some duct tape and a surprising sense of purpose. Rosie was not happy and continued to spit out damp, pungent clothes. It was time to call in the big guns.

However, before the arrival of Mr. Dryer Vent, my husband and I laid down a bet. He thought the problem was not the vent but that I was overfilling Jeeves and Rosie. I was sure that the dryer vent needed to be professionally cleaned and duct tape would simply not do the trick. If I won, I would be treated to a spa day at La Difference Salon and Spa. If he won, I would give him a back massage every night for a week.


Mr. Dryer Vent arrived and went straight to work. We circled him like hawks, trying to argue our case. However, Mr. Dryer Vent, aka Joe Hagarty could not be rattled. He had a methodical focus with incredible attention to detail, topped with a delightful demeanor and smile.

Joe discovered that our dryer vent did indeed need to be professionally cleaned! Our airflow went from 26 to 31.9. Joe informed us that he sees cases as drastic as airflow of 6 to around 20-24, depending on the model. In addition, he found that our exhaust pipe was not up to code and replaced it immediately. Joe investigated the area around the exhaust vent and found an enormous amount of dog hair – thanks to Lady, our 11 year old Aussie. After the laundry room overhaul, Rosie was happy, my spa day was scheduled and all was right in the world again.

Joe not only settled the husband vs. wife bet, he also educated us on safety issues that, previous to his arrival, I had no idea existed. The Consumer Products Safety Commission suggests a family of four have their dryer vent cleaned professionally once a year.

Our case was not too severe, but Joe showed me photos of the fire in Malvern from December of 2012 where a house caught fire in the Charlestown Oaks development off Yellow Springs Road due to a blocked dryer vent. Pictures are below.


For your safety and the safety of your family, take a minute to schedule a visit from Mr. Dryer Vent.

If they find nothing is wrong, they will not charge you a cent! 



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