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Recently, I met a few mothers of the Chester County ROTC program. They informed me that the Coatesville school district will close down the ROTC program in 60 days if they do not raise $157,000.

Although they have created an all out blitz to save the program, the funds are not flowing in as expected. This ROTC program is the only one in Chester County. To put that in context, there are 200 schools on a national waiting list to get ROTC programs.

On this 4th of July, while you are enjoying the pool, picnics, popsicles and sparklers, take a moment to think about our local ROTC program and make a donation by contacting Safiya Edwaerds at 610-729-7604 or Our soldiers are there when we need them, so now is our opportunity to be there when they need us.

Meghan Kelly

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