Hell was still frozen over at this point…

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This Thursday night at 7:50 pm Showtime is rerunning their incredible documentary on the band The Eagles. I cannot recommend it enough and it reminded me of a story.
Years ago I went to see Don Henley at the Tower in Upper Darby with my buddy Higgy. Now this was while the Eagles were still broken up. They had famously said that they would get back together “when hell freezes over.”
Well at the time of this Henley show hell was still “frozen over”, so none of the Eagles were really on great terms or even speaking to each other.
The Tower is a great place to see a show and we had amazing seats, maybe 7th row only 10-12 feet from the stage. 
Midway through the show I nudged my buddy Higgy and said, “Hey, yell for him to play ‘Smuggler’s Blues’.” Higgy laughed, knowing that it was a Glenn Frey hit. 
The very drunk kid in the row in front of us did not. He heard me say it, turned around and said, “Yeah! That’s a great bleeping song!” And proceeded to yell “SMUGGLER’S BLUES!”
“SMUGGLER’S BLUES!!”  Over and over.
Now if you know anything about Don Henley he ain’t the happiest of guys on a good day, and this kid was not helping his mood.
Finally, while tuning his guitar between songs a visibly annoyed Henley looked right at us and said, 
“That’s not an Eagles song, that’s not even my song, that’s one of Glenn’s songs. Solo. 
Are you finished now?”
The kid looked angrily back at me and I just jerked my head towards Higgy to indicate that he had been the one who said it in the first place.

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