Health Empowerment: Rest to Rebirth

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We often think of winter as a time for rest or hibernation. The black bear hibernates, burning off the fat and abundance of the year before. The seed, planted deep in soil, awaits the sun and air to warm the ground and sprout a new growth. In contrast to this restful state, some animals take action. The polar bear forges out of its den, waiting for the ocean waters to freeze so hunting season can begin. Birds fly south to warmer air climates. Many sea creatures, like the majestic whale swim thousands of miles to feast and play in warm ocean currents.

Winter is significant for many of us, whether we use it as a time to rest or take action. Resting might entail deep contemplation, in some cases self-deprivation (Lent) or simply a slower daily pace to release the old and restore the new for the higher energy seasons to come.


Everyone can relate to a good old fashion house cleaning – purging the old, de-cluttering the shelves and fixing what can be repaired. Our physical housekeeping is just as important, if not more so, than the structure of the building we live in and yet, we ignore our own winter phase. The physical body and our higher self are deserving of the release of the things that do not serve us well.  Release these things…the thoughts… the behaviors…and fears that create barriers and limit us in our life and joy. 

Of course, this is much easier said than done, especially coming from a licensed expert on this subject. To be honest, I have faltered along the way just like everyone else. I have not treasured the body of my higher self. I have abused it with unhealthy lifestyle choices. I rationalize this by saying “I am executing free choice – a right to choose to celebrate in a self-deprecating party.”

The occasional Friday night pizza and beer does not seem all that bad. Yet when we add it to the Saturday afternoon movie with buttered popcorn and soda…or staying up every night until 1:00 in the morning…the Sunday feast and wine with cigarettes after….or the heavier burdens of staying in an abusive relationship….not getting that lump checked out…then the harm is building. We hear ourselves saying every week, “Monday morning I am going to make a change!” Yet somehow the negative cycle repeats itself week after week.

Your vice may be any of the habits listed above…or just plain old…”I don’t give a damn thinking.” It doesn’t matter. What does matter is…you! Are you at a point of no motivation, no hopes or dreams, no will power, no energy to create positive change? Are you settling into a rut of gluttony, a whirlwind of crisis, a bed of sorrow?

There is hope and I can help. It is time to rest, release and restore…

This warm winter has brought me much excitement as I think of my little garden and the flowers that will soon bloom. I am excited with anticipation of crawling around in the flowerbeds, pulling weeds, and fertilizing the soil for the new birth and rebirth of simplicity and beauty. Soon, I will be standing in the drained pond removing the debris of last years’ foliage. My fish will swim in the trash barrel waiting to return to their little piece of this grand universe. Spring will bloom and my small garden will be in harmony and my higher self will rejoice. I eagerly anticipate what I can do for my garden and so I must eagerly anticipate what I must do for me. What will your garden be?

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