Has the Value of Character Been Forgotten?

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     “Character, not circumstance, makes the person.” – Booker T. Washington

     Bullying, insensitivity and disrespect of others can take on many forms and be generated from individuals in various roles. However, it is perhaps most unexpected and shocking when such lack of character is evident from those who hold an esteemed place within our local community. Recently, the unfortunate conduct and eventual resignation of Coatesville School District’s Superintendent and High School Athletic Director has jolted Chester County awake – and reminded us that WHO we are – even behind closed doors – has a direct impact on those around us. These men were people who we trusted our children with. We looked to them to educate them – not only academically, but also in terms of life. These same two men were responsible for helping the students of Coatesville to build their confidence, discover their capabilities, and guide them to make wise choices for a productive future. They were respected, and students were instructed to revere their guidance. Each time one of those degrading text messages were sent – what did that really say to our children? There are rigorous requirements in place for administrators and educators – in terms of education, training, and experience. But what about character? Really – WHO are the people behind the credentials that we are entrusting with the development of our children? What are their values, morals and beliefs? How do they measure up? Sadly, in this case –not so good. What must the students of Coatesville School District be going through? Betrayal and questioning the validity of what they were taught? Are they left to wonder if this conduct is just common-place and accepted? Has “tolerance” been taught to the extreme?

            It’s time for parents and members of the local community to take a stand. Let this be a wake-up call: a catalyst for significant change. Let’s demand that the educators and leaders placed in ANY school district be people of good moral character. We need to demonstrate to our children what it means to embrace our diversity and use this evil for good. It’s time to stand united and prevent further damage. The students of Coatesville School District are the future, and it’s our responsibility to show them the negative effects of slander and judgment. This about much more than an isolated incident. This about defining WHO do you want to become? What do you want your legacy to be? How do we teach our children to get back up after being knocked to their knees? We must stand determined – Ready to teach today’s children about what it means to take responsibility, build character, and use their abilities and experiences for the good of all mankind. It’s time to require more of our schools than adequate academic performance. It’s time to educate our children about the ugly realities of this world – and how they each play a part in changing it. There is always hope. There is always forgiveness. And in the midst of turbulence, we discover just how strong we really are. Let’s rise above together – and raise a generation of true leaders, peacemakers, educators, and role models who exemplify the true meaning of admirable character.

            This principle is strongly valued at Triumph Tutoring, Inc. – and an aspect which we incorporate into every session. We do much more than homework support. We strive to provide families and students with the tools needed to take the reins, embrace their unique strengths, and walk confidently towards fulfilling their purpose. If you are looking for tutoring services that incorporate transformation from the inside out, contact us today. We’d love to help your child reach their potential!


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