There’s a new trend in West Chester!

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Good Times, Good Cause

There is nothing better in my book than having a great time with my friends for a good cause. Whether it be having a few drinks, eating amazing food,  or discovering a new spot in West Chester; I actually feel like my good times have a purpose instead of just a tab at the end of the night.

Instead of simply eating and drinking to quench my hunger and thirst; I’m eating and drinking to help cure cancer or support our educational system or help a local hero. It makes the food and wine that much tastier.

If you would like to join your West Chester community, give back and have a blast all at the same time, check out these upcoming events

Cakes and Candies Celebrates First Birthday!

Proceeds benefit

The Hamels Foundation

A Taste of Florida Fruit Sale

Proceeds benefit

The West Chester Food Cupboard

Meghan Kelly

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