Give Your Dark Wardrobe a Pastel Punch!

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Are you one of those people who constantly finds themselves reaching for dark clothing?  Are black, gray and dark brown your Winter staples?

If so, get ready to sass it up a little to bring on the Spring!  Adding pastels with dark colors are a great way to lighten your look and brighten your day…and there is no better time to start than N*O*W since pastels are a hot trend for Spring 2014.

If black is your idea of color, then you may need to start small with the whole pastel thing. Adding a pastel bag to your outfit is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. If you’re looking to jump right into this style, pairing a pastel sweater and bag with a black skirt create the perfect balance between lights and darks. Sweaters are a great way to add pastels to your wardrobe while it’s still cold outside (but we are ready and anxiously anticipating Spring).

Another way to pop a little baby blue, pink, yellow or peach is to add a pastel blazer or pastel shoes. Try pairing a pink pastel blazer with a black top and black pants. Top it off with pastel shoes and a white bag and you’re ready to go for the day!

You dont need to forego your dark duds.  You just can add to them and layering with lighter colors on top makes a strong style statementwe are more used to seeing them as a top under a black blazer or a light pair of tights under a dark skirt. 

Or flip the look around:  pair a dark top with a light colored cardigan or a cute pastel dress with dark tights and a dark pair of shoes.  Add a weather appropriate sweater or jacket and you’ve got the look!

 So can you take the plunge and add a pastel pop?

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