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Have you ever found yourself thinking:


Why can’t I live a peaceful life? I’m a loving gentle person that only wants good for myself and others, so where is the peace?


The answer is there … though puzzling and complex, you do have peace, it is held within YOU! This simple concept which we have all heard is so deeply complex it may take a lifetime to Master.


No matter the roles we play and the people we encounter, our lives are evolving and our quest for calm and order remains constant. In order to have a deep sense of inner peace, a step further, serenity, we must rest that everything happens for a reason and that there is a higher purpose to all things. 


Knowing you can not control anyone or anything; the world is filled with opposites. For example, clarity and confusion, ups and downs, calm and conflict. Just let things be. Encourage and Allow yourself to cultivate the peace you seek and the peaceful life you so desire. You do this by fostering the space of quiet intention within the solace of your heart.


In the process of Becoming a Master of Peace,



Nancy Gentle Boudrie 
525 East Gay St., West Chester, PA


Meditation Schedule
Whether you are experienced or just thinking about starting a meditation practice, join me on Wednesday evenings 7-8pm or Thursday mornings 10-11am to experience a visually guided meditation. or call 484-252-1150 if you are interested in attending any class by 2pm for evening meditations or 8pm the night before morning meditations.
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I look forward to seeing you!


Meghan Kelly

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