Gentle Reflections from Nancy – The Greater Whole

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Enjoy Nancy’s latest installment of Gentle Reflections as she discusses the topic of interconnectedness. avis site de rencontre onedate rp bekanntschaften rencontres du cinéma de montagne comment rencontrer un homme a 50 ans single wohnung wiener neustadt site link dating hindi tips les rencontres d après minuit ost We all differ in our interaction with the world around us. Regardless of how we choose to interact or view the world around us we are all part of the greater whole, we are all interconnected. 

We breathe the same air, eat foods from the same ground and drink water from the same water supply. We share everything whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We are not isolated beings; relationships and interconnectedness are essential for our survival. Conversely, when you find yourself feeling isolated and alone I challenge you to look at the greater whole and realize you are not alone; in fact, you are far from it.

I challenge all of us to greet the experience of relationships with new meaning. How can I experience a greater sense of the collective whole for the betterment of humanity? For instance, how do I treat all beings? Is there a connection in how I treat myself? What lifestyle choices do I personally select that impact my surroundings or the environment as a whole?

What if we lived from this aware state consciously each moment in our day, how would the universal one, the greater whole be affected? I choose to imagine and believe that I am a co-creator making this place called Earth the place I want to live in and make my own heaven on earth!  

Doing my part to better the collective,

Meghan Kelly

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