Gentle Reflections from Nancy – Guarded?

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Many times we walk around “guarded” to life experiences because of past pain and hurt.  We are so concerned about protecting ourselves from “toxic situations” “energy zappers” and “energy suckers” we find our mental, emotional and physical bodies insulated by protective fear.
I like the analogy of a castle with a moat around it.  The draw bridge is pulled up and locked to protect the inhabitants…how do we begin to feel safe to lower the bridge?
We do this by building trust within. We trust ourselves by cultivating a deeper relationship within and learning to live our lives with expansive awareness, noticing our life experiences one moment at a time.  Living each moment out with awareness we begin to recognize our isolation and how we can trust our inner compass to allow positive experiences.  Furthermore, we begin to allow our heart to feel and express itself in a loving manner.  This allows us to experience a much more fulfilling way of life.
Learning to trust my inner compass,

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