Gage Weight Loss Challenge Week 3 & 4: “I can’t put my arms down!”

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Since beginning the Gage Strength Training 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge, I have been blogging about my experience every week. Well, I had a little snafu during Week 3. I worked out so hard; it was actually difficult for me to type, so I let the blog slide for one week.  I felt like the kid in a Christmas Story where he screams, “I can’t put my arms down!” Except, I couldn’t raise my arms up.

Now, you might be thinking, why in the heck would I want to subject myself to the same torture? 

Surprisingly, I was having so much fun, feeling incredibly empowered and motivated by the Devin and the group that I pushed myself beyond what I thought was possible. I didn’t injure myself; I just tapped into my true physical capabilities. The feeling was addictive and now I can’t get enough of it! 


Previous to working out with Devin, my sweat routine consisted of yoga and running. However, I had a big problem creep up – boredom. My mind was bored, my body was bored and, most weeks, I ended up not working out at all.  I started to get that wiggle in my triceps, the emergence of bra fat (ladies, you know what I’m talking about), my tummy started fighting with the top button on my jeans and, worst of all, I began to feel weak. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_triceppinch.jpg   b2ap3_thumbnail_flexedarm.jpg

Working out with Devin Gage is anything but boring. I can’t remember the names of half the exercises because he throws something new at us every week. I welcomed back the line in my tricep like a best friend I hadn’t seen in years. My legs are feeling SO powerful – they should after about a million squats, lunges and step-ups. My stomach is starting to retreat from the territory battle with my jeans. I would like to say that best of all, I feel strong, but that would be a little bit of a lie. I do feel strong, don’t get me wrong, but the best feeling happened last weekend. 

I put my bikini on, looked in the mirror and smiled. Yep, I actually smiled. 

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