Gage Weight Loss Challenge Week 2: The 4 Minute Plank

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pop over here dubai leute kennenlernen her latest blog femme russe dating kennenlernen bei friendscout24 rencontres univert check out here liebessprüche kennenlernen After woking out for two weeks at Gage Strength Training, I realized one of the best parts of the 8-Week Weight Loss Program is being inspired and motivated by the other members. They have become my teammates in this process and one individual in-particular inspired me this week, more so than even the threat of my swimsuit and the beach. This is Mindy’s story…


Mindy is a mother of 2 young kids, ages 3 and 1. On the surface when you see Mindy, you’ll see a fit, confident and ABLE schoolteacher who runs and plays with her kids with endless amounts of energy… but it wasn’t always like that.


She was NOT one of those people that were blessed with good genetics, and a great metabolism. She was actually about 100lb overweight last year, and had never worked out a day in her life. Any type of physical activity was not only hard, it was downright painful.


Mindy’s inspiration came from living her entire life overweight, never playing any sports and never feeling good about herself. After the birth of her second son, Mindy realized that this was not the legacy she wanted to leave for her children. She wanted to be an active, healthy and motivated parent. She started running. It was painful and difficult but she just put one foot in front of her other and kept going. 


Mindy dropped about 80 pounds on her OWN… She ran every single day for months and was starting to feel great but wanted more. She was a runner now, but was hungry for more. She started going to Gage Strength Training in January and was VERY weak. She had very little muscle tone and almost no strength endurance or coordination. But just like her running, she put one foot in front of the other and kept going. 

Mindy’s first day she couldn’t even do a 45-second plank. Now she’s blasting past 4 minutes and doesn’t plan on stopping there! Mindy is down another 10lb and her strength has increased dramatically! 

Mindy’s trainer and owner of Gage Strength Training, Devin Gage, had this to say about Mindy’s story, “Mindy’s success story isn’t about her weight loss, or even her strength gain… Mindy’s success is that she is fully capable of hanging with her 4 year old son at the park on a daily basis, she’s teaching her kids about being a healthy, strong woman and that is more of a success than any weight loss.”

The reason I tell this story is because Mindy came from nothing… an overweight woman who never worked out a day in her life, to becoming a total certified badass in the gym and a GREAT role model to her kids… She found her “why” and ran with it (literally and figuratively). Mindy inspired me to find my “WHY” and maybe, by reading this story, you will find your TRUE motivation that will help you to push past barriers and break records and transform your body… 

Losing weight is only the surface value… Dig deeper to find out what your true “WHY” is.

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