Gage Weight Loss Challenge Week 1: Exposed

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agence de rencontre angers Going Here browse around this website rencontres droite mujeres solteras punta arenas positive passions saskatoon speed dating When I started this website I was in pretty good shape health wise. After hours upon hours of computer time in my new office attire (pj’s), I began to expand rapidly. My previous go-to exercise and diet regimens no longer worked or fit in my life and frustration quickly set in. Then, as luck would have it, I met Devin Gage. 



Devin is the owner/operator of Gage Strength Training located on Westtown Road. I was introduced to Devin through the launch of his first Strongman Competition that raises funds for Firefighter and Police Foundations. I donated photography services and was introduced to a whole new world of exercise (click here to see the photos).


Although I do not consider myself a delicate flower, I never thought I could flip a tire, pull a sled loaded with massive weights or any other aspect of the competition. Boy, was I wrong.

A few months later, Devin notified me that he was starting a new program – The West Chester 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge – and would I be interested in joining the program. Considering that I could not zip my suit pants that morning, I quickly replied with a bolded, underlined, all caps, YES!

Measurement day was hard. I did not want to face my numbers. It was easier to hide in my elastic band pj’s. Devin made the process easy and helped me to understand what the numbers meant instead of making me feel bad about my new ‘body by Apple computer’. I received an informational packet to keep me on track with nutrition, motivation and other tips and tricks of the trade. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Devin at the beginning of the program. He sends motivational emails frequently with inspiring words or sometimes videos. Devin’s emails are the only emails I receive that actually motivate me to step away from the computer as opposed to all the other emails that keep me chained to my desk.

b2ap3_thumbnail_MegTireFlip.jpg   b2ap3_thumbnail_megtireflip2.jpg


I have the first week under my belt and after some pretty sore muscles; my body is beginning to respond really well to the workouts. I actually was able to pull the sled on my second workout and flip a tire on my third workout! I am surprised at how much I enjoy the workouts. Devin is always changing things up and challenging me in different ways. We jump rope, throw sandbags, flip tires, pull sleds and he is even thinking about installing a heavy bag!

I am committed to the process and I will be blogging about my experiences throughout the eight weeks. Although a bit embarrassing, I will totally expose my progress and give a full numbers report at the end. 

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