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Strength Training Allows You To Lift More Than Weights.

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Devin Gage is a strength coach and personal trainer from Philadelphia, PA. Devin is the owner of Gage Strength Training, located on Westtown Road in West Chester, PA. Mr. Gage is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Devin is a member of the Chester County business community and has a two year old daughter, Kadynce, pictured above.

Devin brings a vast amount of personal training knowledge to the table. Whether you are a high-intensity athlete or mom who needs to lose the baby weight, Devin can help you reach your fitness goals. 
“Gage Strength Training’s mission to help our community grow stronger in all aspects of life; physically, mentally and emotionally. We use strength training as a tool towards personal development and empowerment. Every day you will leave having done something you didn’t think you were capable of, which will empower you to make more positive changes in life outside the gym.”

Follow Devin here as he posts a Gage Training Fitness Tip of the Week. If you would like to train with Devin, you can visit the Gage Training Website by CLICKING HERE or contact him at 484.432.6794


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