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I have been enlisted to write some articles from the male perspective.  This could be for many reasons, I am a male, men read this site, they have too many female writers and not enough male writers or the simplest explanation, the site was my idea in the first place!  No matter the reason, I am excited to spew my useless knowledge on to the internet in the hopes that at least a few people find me to be informative and possibly entertaining.

So this begs the next question, what to write about?  As a man I am supposed to be predisposed to knowing about cars, how to fix things, stubbornness, sports, being able to light a fire without a match  and in some rare cases, how to be an above average husband.  I have decided to make my first post about something near and dear to my heart, my giant television.  

Yes, I am married.  Yes, I have a daughter.  Yes, I have family and friends.  However, as any many will tell you, there is no substitute for turning on that giant television after a hard day or a late night.  It brings a comfort that is unmatched, especially if you also have surround sound.  It creates a gathering place for friends and family.  It soothes a cranky kid.  It brings the world to your living room.  As far as inventions of the modern era are concerned I rank it third, right behind electricity and the internet.  Some would say penicillin, others the automobile.  While I will not argue, I am a person of information.  Just think about it.  Where do you get most of your news and information?  Television.  Yes, the internet has done a lot over the last 15 years but we still turn to that gleaming wonderful rectangle (or square), the television, when we really want to see what is going on.

My advice when buying a new television?  However big you think you should get, get one bigger.  It is like storage space, you can never have enough.  In this day and age you should get an LED light flat screen.  Stay away from plasma and no name brands.  I personally like vizio and samsung, the later being the top of the line.  If you can still find a DLP television, get it.  The color quality is second to none and they do not look like a soap opera filming on every station like many of the newer LCD televisions do.  Incidentally, that is due to what is called the refresh rate.  If you have one of these televisions and hate the “soap opera” look go in to your settings and lower the refresh rate to 60.  

So, there you have it.  My first “man blog”.  I can not promise a regular weekly update but I will do my best to get back as often as I can to thrill and amaze the millions who enjoy my ramblings.

Matt Kelly is the President of Razor Servers, an above average husband and father, a good friend and an overall fun dude.  For Questions, Concerns, Problems or Free Advice on Major Life Decisions please feel free to contact Matt at

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