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I have been struggling recently to find food that truly does a body – and the environment- good. This was not always the case. When I did not have an eight-year-old girl or husband to consider, I downed whatever was easy and fast in a few bites with no regard to where it came from or the affect on my body. Then, approximately one year ago, I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and watched Food, Inc.

The result? My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, but in a whole new way. I could no longer blindly stroll through the grocery store, go out to dinner or fix my family a snack without an acute awareness of what was really transpiring on my plate.


Armed with this new found knowledge, I was determined to change the contents of our   cupboards, pantry and fridge….and then reality smacked me in the face. I never thought it would be so difficult to change something as simple as one meal a day, but in the face of crazy work schedules, school activities, laundry, grooming the dog – you know the list – my task seemed insurmountable.

single frauen in barcelona site rencontre gratuit international address free dating sites to meet cops additional info rencontre plus 20 site de rencontre pour rencontrer un homme riche flirten lernen als mann kostenlos That is, until I found Shoo Mamas, my fresh, local, organic and fantastic food savior!

Shoo Mamas was founded by Lynn and his wife, Becky, on the idea that local and organic should also mean tasty and welcoming. Lynn has been working in the food service industry since graduating high school and it definitely shows in his fine establishment. You will typically find Lynn waving to you from behind the grill with a spatula in hand and speedily expediting orders. He loves to talk about where his food originates, new recipes he’s cooking up or the latest soup creation by his assistant manager, Ryan, also known as “The Souperman of the Shoo”. While you are entertained by the staff’s culinary spectacle, the delightful smell of homemade pies wafts through the air and when you glance to the display case, it’s as if they should be sitting on grandma’s windowsill to cool…yum. However, if you want to join the conversation, you will have to ignore Lynn’s multitasking because he does not stop from the time he flicks on the lights until he turns the key to lock up, making sure everyone has had a wonderful experience at his table.


When you walk into Shoo Mamas, you are always greeted with big smiles and fast service. Come back often enough and they will greet you by name when you stroll through the door. Free WiFi is available and very much appreciated. I have had several business meetings at Shoo Mamas and the WiFi makes presentations so much easier. You will never get rushed from a table and there is plenty of space for large parties or just lunch with an old friend where you know you will talk for hours over a glass of wine. That’s right, Shoo Mamas is now BYOB!  Each order is made from scratch featuring LeBus breads and local, organic eggs, meats and cheeses as well. Open for breakfast starting at 6:30 (for all of you early birds), lunch and dinner 7 days a week, with plenty of parking.


My favorite so far is “The Matt” breakfast sandwich, named after my husband who stops by Shoo Mamas every morning on his way to work. After eating his way through the breakfast menu, Matt decided to combine all of his favorite ingredients, which was hard to narrow down, and created the ultimate breakfast sandwich. How do we know it is the ultimate? Because after he finishes the tasty delight, he pushes his plate away, leans back in his chair, rubs his belly, and declares, “Shoo, Mama! That sure was good!”

66 E. Street Rd. – West Chester, PA 19382 – (484) 315-8431

Shoo Mama’s is located in the Commons at Thornbury. Rts.926 & 202

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