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I found a new way to fight my Monday blues – Tapas Monday at Side Bar!

When the clock strikes five, you will find me running through the doors of Side Bar with gusto and a smile, ready to leave the harsh transition of Sunday to Monday behind.

Deadlines, computer headaches, paper cuts and cold coffee just melt away with my first complimentary glass of wine provided by Majestic Wine’s Michael Walsh…the second and third glass go down just as smoothly. Then, my aching feet, boss’s endless tirade and my mountain of an inbox just “poof!” disappear as my table is filled with an amazing list of appetizers created new every Monday by Chef Blaise. I am surrounded by blazing fireplaces to fight the winter chill and flat screen tv’s to deliciously numb my brain.

Side Bar is the only cure for the Monday blues. If you are typing away right now in your cubicle and are already ready for some fun, call Side Bar right now and make your reservation. Make sure you only invite your fun co-workers though!

Reservation can be made by calling 610-429-8297.

Meghan Kelly

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