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Each month, Kati Mac and her crew will be telling stories from the flower shop. This month’s installment is a tutorial on how to take care of your fresh blooms. Cut flowers can last well over a week if certain steps are followed to preserve freshness.

Read on for some quick tips and tricks to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer!

1.  Change water regularly. Bacterial build-up in your flowers’ drink will lead to premature decay. Water should be changed every two days to avoid this problem.

2.  Give stems a fresh cut. Flowers drink water from the base of their stems, and carry the water up the stem through open channels. However, as flowers decay, these channels get clogged, and do not work as well. Stems should be cut each time the water is changed. Usually, just a trim will suffice, but if there is any obvious decay, those portions of the stem should also be removed.

3.  Keep your vase clean. Use warm, soapy water to remove all the bacteria from your vase as you are changing the water. Removing as much bacteria as possible each time your change the water will prevent flower decay.

4.  Use a flower food in the fresh water. Powder formulas like Floralife provide nutrients to keep flowers healthy for longer. If you don’t have access to powder formulas, you can make your own diluting two tablespoons white vinegar and two tablespoons sugar per quart of water. Adding ½ teaspoon of household chlorine bleach will keep the water clear, and help ward off bacteria.

5.  Avoid extreme temperatures. Flowers like moderate climates. For the sake of preservation, it’s best to keep flowers away from extreme sun, heat, or cold.

 6.  A little sunshine goes a long way. Flowers need the sun to be healthy and happy. While it’s not a good idea to expose cut flowers to excessive sun or heat, placing them in a temperate room near a partially sunny window will keep them bright, vibrant, and healthy.


Use these tips to keep your blooms fresh for days, or even weeks!

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