First Week of Construction!

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September 2012

After the first week of construction, I would say lots of progress has already been made.  There is no gravel in sight, covered in concrete, which means plumbing in roughed in (I think that’s the correct term???).  Frames for the fitting rooms are up, frames for additional walls are built and ready to be installed, and there was a huge hole cut into my roof! But it’s where the heating and air conditioning unit goes so no worries there.  Frames for the ductwork (i’m completely butchering the terminology, I bet.  Sorry GC) is also in place on the ceiling too!  While it may not look like a lot has been done, a lot of the foundation for a working retail space is being put in place.

The guy who is building my register counter even stopped in on Friday to start talking about what my cash wrap area will look like.  And I’ve already started to talking to a sign guy to install the big, pretty “nich boutique” sign onto the front of the store.  All is going great!  Here are a few photos to prove it.  






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