First Trimester Tip: Morning Sickness Relief

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This week I am finally approaching the second trimester!

For many women this is a time of sweet relief. There is often a surge of energy (at least in comparison to what you may have been feeling in the early weeks), the nausea may be dissipating and you may start feeling human again.

I cannot really say that there has ever been a dramatic change for me from the first to second trimester, but I am always hopeful!

My nausea was really bad this time. I think it had more to do with having 3 other children than actually being sicker, but it hit me hard and I couldn’t just rest. I called the doctors office in hope of getting some relief, but I didn’t really think that after 3 kids I would learn anything new.

Small meals more often, eating more protein, staying on top of hunger, rest when possible, stay hydrated, avoid very fatty/fried foods, sea bands , etc… CHECK.

But I did learn something new and it was a lifesaver!

The nurse at the office said that she is a n “Old Nurse,” who has seen a lot and it’s funny how treatments are e like trends that come and go.

I was recommended a cocktail of Unisom Sleep Tablets and  B-6.

25 mg of B6 4 times each day and ½ tablet of regular, original Unisom at night. I ended up doing the ½ tablet of Unisom and 50mg of B6 at bedtime and it worked great for me!

Apparently, Unisom was originally an anti-nausea medication used during pregnancy or for traveling. The side effect was that it made you very drowsy and it began being used as a sleep aid and it was forgotten for it’s original purpose. The nurse said it has just recently made a resurgence in the OB world as the forgotten wonder drug.

I really wish I had known about this for all of my kids!

Praying for a healthy and enjoyable second trimester….I have a lot to get done to get ready for this baby and need all the energy I can get!

I hope this little first trimester tip can help some of you Mommas going through dreaded “Morning Sickness.”


I just want to remind everyone that I am obviously not a medical professional and that you should consult your doctor about your pregnancy and/or health.  

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