Finally, A Logical Solution to Healthcare Changes in Chester County

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Dr. Marcus Williams is a Pioneer in the Chester County Healthcare System
Learn how MedLion Direct Primary Care is Changing the Face of Healthcare
 Tell me if this sounds familiar to you because we’ve all been through the healthcare wringer lately…

Mike arrives at the doctor’s office 15 minutes early, as requested, and fills out a mound of paperwork. He sits patiently, then restlessly, until finally, his name is called!

In the exam room, Mike wraps himself up like a present in a paper gown, only to wait some more, bored and now dealing with a cold draft. 

When the doctor finally makes an appearance, she barely has time to shake hands and say hello. Nose buried in the chart, the doctor rushes Mike through his stomach symptoms, makes a quick diagnosis of acid reflux, and prescribes the necessary medication so she can hurry to the next patient and maximize billable time. 

This leads to what is commonly called the, “Oh, by the way…” scenario. As the doctor reaches for the doorknob, Mike says, “Oh, by the way, I have also been having chest pains.”

Now, the doctor has one of two options – she can stay with Mike and perform a full examination and workup while creating even more of a patient pileup, or she can send Mike off to a cardiologist. 

What do you think she chose? That’s right, the cardiologist. Now, let’s be clear here – this whole scenario is not the doctor’s fault. Instead, it is the inherent nature of the system that is the problem.

Insurance was never designed for primary care – it was designed for expensive medical catastrophes. Dr. William relates it to cars, asking, “Would you use your car insurance for everyday maintenance of your car? No, your insurance premium would skyrocket and, in the end, the system would fail. At MedLion, we return the power to patients by removing costly insurance, and making primary care affordable.”

How it works

For a low membership fee, patients receive extraordinary access to all components of primary care. Doctor visits, labs, imaging, and medication are all offered at unbelievably reasonable rates.

“Because we don’t require the extra-high volume necessary in insurance practices, visits with our doctors are longer, more relaxed, and more personal. I am limiting the doctor/patient ratio to 1/1,500 that will give everyone a 30min to 1-hour visit each time. This is unlike typical medical offices that

maintain and often exceed a 1/3,500 ratio resulting in an 11-minute visit,” Dr. Williams explains. Overall, MedLion practices typically carry half the patient load compared with their insurance-dependent counterparts, creating a much more efficient medical practice environment. 

Why haven’t I heard of MedLion?

MedLion is on the cutting edge of Healthcare Reform, blazing a new trail in cost-effective and affective primary care. Currently, ONLY FIVE offices exist nation-wide. We are extremely lucky because the only MedLion Direct Primary Care office on the entire east coast is right in our backyard! Dr. Marcus Williams is located at The Exton Medical Arts Building, 80 Welsh Pool Road, Suite 101S, Exton, PA 19341.

For Patients

At MedLion, each patient has a $69/mo membership fee. All doctor visits are just $10, labs and imaging negotiated up to 50% off, and every effort is made to prescribe affordable medication. MedLion staff even works to find quality, reasonably-priced specialists should a referral be necessary.
How do they do it? In a traditional primary care practice, upwards of 40% of clinic costs go towards insurance-related expenses. At MedLion, we believe if primary care can be made extremely affordable, insurance isn’t necessary.

This results in extraordinary savings, which we pass on to our patients.

For Employers

Health benefits are a big cost to companies. With insurance premiums at an all-time high, many employers and employees find it difficult to afford even the most basic plans. Furthermore, upcoming changes with the Affordable Care Act require strategic planning.

“We offer a solution,”Dr. Williams explains, “By offering MedLion Direct Primary Care to the workforce, both employers and employees see immense savings and benefits. With primary and preventive care affordably covered, employers

can enhance the benefit with less expensive, high-deductible “major medical” plans to cover serious medical emergencies. Due to an inclusion in the Affordable Care Act for Direct Primary Care, MedLion programs, when structured properly, are completely in compliance with new health care laws.”

MedLion can be offered to full-time or part-time workers, and even their dependents. The telemedicine systems keep employees from leaving the workplace unless absolutely necessary, decreasing absenteeism and increasing productivity. To reduce work-related injuries, MedLion assists employees with education on injury prevention, safety in the workplace, and fitness counseling as a part of every visit. Employees see benefits in the way of increased visit times, enhanced appointment availability, telemedicine convenience, and reduced visit fees.

“As an administrator for two orthopaedic surgery practices and a physical therapy practice, I am always looking for ways to save money on overhead expenses. After speaking to MedLion we were able to save just under $1,200.00 per month on our office health insurance premiums!”

Phillip P. Belushi
Office Administrator

Join the revolution in healthcare with Dr. Marcus Williams and MedLion! 

We are located in the Exton Medical Arts Building:

NewPath MD, P.C. 


80 West Welsh Pool Road 

Suite 101S 

Exton, PA 19341

 P:(484) 483-2745 

F:(484) 872-8536


Hours of operation: 9-5, Monday – Friday

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