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A study released this week from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 42% of Americans will be OBESE by the year 2030! The reports also predicts that the proportion of Americans who are severely obese, meaning more than 100 pounds, will reach 11%. This is about double the current rate.

What is most disturbing for me in this study, is that it reveals the price tag of obesity. It is predicted that this will cost Americans $550 Billion dollars for obesity-related health care costs.

SO WAKE UP! This disease will bankrupt us!

As individuals and as community members, we have an obligation to embrace a healthy lifestyle. We will not be perfect, but we need to try! Start by eating healthier options, engage in more exercise, educate our children on healthy choices. Get our children away from the internet and video games…kick them outside. How many of you had a mother like mine that said, “Go outside and play and I do not want to see you unless you are bleeding.” Really…We know that 50% of severe obesity in adults is a consequence of obesity in childhood.

Start today! Take small successful steps toward a more healthy lifestyle, it will make a difference in all our futures.

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