Fairwell to Coach by Dr. Lauren Schofield

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My original thoughts for today’s blog, early Sunday morning, quickly changed with the passing of Coach Joe Paterno.

They say “that human excellence is difficult to define, unless you have been in the presence of it.”

For me, Joe Paterno is the definition of excellence. He was a man who loved family, demanded hard work and conduct from his athletes, revered education and embraced a community and an institution.

As a little girl, Joe Paterno was my neighbor at the Jersey shore. As a woman, this neighbor shared with me kind words of support and stories of comfort, as each one of my parents passed away. I will never forget his kindness.

I do not think my opinion will ever change that Coach, as I always called him, died of a broken heart.

He changed thousands of lives by living his in excellence and teaching those in his life to do the same.


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