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Training Tip:When you change “variables” in your training routine, your body will likely respond more quickly versus doing your same old thing. A variable may be increasing or decreasing the number of reps, changing the order in which you perform the exercise, changing the platform you are training on (such as an inflatable disc, increasing the amount of weight used for the exercise, etc.).


It’s March, and time for the rituals that come with longer, brighter days. We “spring clean;” we aim to shed pounds by getting outside more often and begin our indulgence into seasonal foods (and maybe beers…on the porch!). Observing the changing of the seasons is one of my appreciations of growing up and living in Pennsylvania; each season is unique. The shift offers an opportunity to recognize life changing around us. While you may have New Year’s resolutions (that you have or have not kept), the introduction of spring gives you the opportunity to start again, like rolling onto your right side after a long savasana at the end of yoga class! Spring can become your new New Year.  

Many people love spring because of the arrival of baseball’s spring training or coaching their kids’ sports teams….I love my spring training for getting outdoors and feeling a new surface underneath my feet. At this time of year, I leave my office at the end of the day and am mentally transported back to the lacrosse field, remembering a sport I played in high school. The start of the lacrosse season began indoors until the snow and ice were gone and the fields were dry enough to handle the herd of athletes. The start of the season also included painstaking soreness where it was difficult to walk the first week from the intensive training! I learned my lesson…I just don’t allow myself to get out of shape because the pain of getting back into shape is much worse!

I appreciate the return of warmer temps and humidity, especially if I have had any strained muscles over the winter season (which more than once has been the piriformis, which I lovingly refer to as the “booty muscle”). As soon as the first humid day hits, that muscle strain somehow melts away, like the old ice and black snow. The diversity in training and nutrition is a welcome change fueled by some goal I want to achieve or a passion that keeps me going. I love my routine, and I regularly aim to tweak it or add something to it during seasonal changes.

Spring is calling for you to explore your inner athlete! When I had my son last year, it was important to me to begin teaching him to appreciate nature, health and fitness. We discovered the local preserves and became regular hikers on the trails. You can check out the local preserves here.  Our local community is calling us to get outside and help with benefits, fundraisers, clean ups and more. Meghan and the team are keeping you up to date here through http://www.chestercounty-pa.com/. Whether you run a 5k for the first time or train for a triathlon, do something to mix up your routine and approach to life. Last year I invested in a paddleboard and can’t wait to get back on it, working my ninja yogi movesCool. I’ll also be keeping my eye on several of the women in martial arts today, like Kayla Harrison (first American to win a gold medal in Judo at the London Olympics) and Ronda Rousey (first female Mixed Martial Arts champion). Their training is inspirational and something I am driven by. So where do you find your inspiration? And what are you going to do this season to follow it? Add a variable to your daily life, and you just might like what you get!

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