Every year down the shore, this happens….

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The summer is upon us and with that the opening of group shore houses all up and down the Jersey shore.

One thing you can always count on this weekend? Somebody going to sleep in the wrong house.

It always happens. People come down at night, they’ve never been to the house, they start drinking, head out to the bars, and then when they stumble home alone at 3 am they realize that a lot of the houses on the block look the same.

It’s May and usually cold so they’re in a hurry. The house is dark because by then everyone is asleep so they usually just crash on the couch.

This happened to my shore roommate “Creature” one year. Like everyone else it’s ever happened to, it was late, he was cold and drunk and he assumed he was going to sleep on the couch in our shore house.

He was wrong.

He tells us the story the next morning when he got back to our house.

He woke up at 8 am to find a family of four staring at him. God bless him, he didn’t miss a beat,

“I’m not in the right house am I?”

They all shook their heads no.

We’re in hysterics, “So what’d you do then?”

Creature, “What could I do? I had breakfast with them.”

“Wait, you whaaat?”

Creature, “Yeah, they offered me breakfast. Figured it’d be rude not to accept at that point.”

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