Side Bar & Restaurant Presents: A Bar Beer Dinner

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Date(s) - 02/17/2014 - 02/23/2018
7:00 pm - 2:16 pm

Side Bar and Restaurant



2/17/14 Spring House Bar Beer Dinner

$35 a head for 5 courses and 5 Beer @7pm

Limited Seating @ the Bar!

Big Gruesome ABV 8.5

Creamy, malty, and full-bodied, the Big Gruesome Stout is scary good. The intense, roasty flavor comes from two types of chocolate malt and raw cocoa nibs. The stout is then aged on whole vanilla beans and more raw cocoa nibs to enhance the chocolate flavors. Rich peanut butter is introduced throughout the entire brewing process to make this stout evenmore Gruesome.

Lil’ Gruesome ABV 8.3

Lil’ G is not intimidated by his larger counter-part, Big Gruesome. Anextremely rich and complex beer, the addition of raspberries during thefermentation process results in an reddish opaque color with nicechocolate notes. Like the Big G, rich peanut butter is introducedthroughout the entire brewing process to make this stout even moreGruesome.

Mango IPA ABV 7.7

Our juiciest beer features ripe mango and tropical hop aroma on thenose followed by a mild bitterness from the Citra and Falconer’s Flighthops and some alcohol warmth to balance out the sweetness of the freshmango.

Atomic Raygun Imperial Red ABV 8.3

Atomic Raygun Imperial Red is a big, aggressively hopped Red Ale. Itstarts out with piney aromas and citrus flavors courtesy of the generoushops, and finishes with a nice rich, malty sweetness that balances thecrisp hop bitterness.(hops used in this small batch: Falconers Flight, Chinook. This 1/2was dry hopped with Falconers Flight

Smoked Porter ABV 9.0

Prior to brewing our Smoked Porter, Matt selects specialty malts to besmoked over an open flame, imparting a unique flavor profile in theporter. The malts are smoked using apple and hickory wood for a full 72hours. Spring House Brewing Co. chose to smoke the grain in a localsmoke house that dates back to the late 19th century. This one-of-a-kindsmoke house imparts layers of smoky depth to the beer that cannot bereplicated. Enjoy!

Malt: Caramel 80 smoked locally at Hess’s BBQ located right down theroad from the barn

Meghan Kelly

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