Epic Rains and Homeownership

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In the never ending-quest to help homeowners and investment property owners to protect their investment, allow me introduce one of the least glamorous subjects that, if you ignore, will cost you thousands in repairs.

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In the past year or so, West Chester and the surrounding area has experienced some epic rainfall. I really dislike the word epic, but in the case of our recent weather, it really has been dreadful. The amount of rainfall we are getting in very brief periods of time means that we homeowners must be extraordinarily vigilant with our gutter cleaning. Even if you think there are no trees around your home to drop their leaves on, your gutters are collecting stuff that is degrading and building up, and ultimately preventing water from flowing away from your b2ap3_thumbnail_gutter2.jpghome.

If you aren’t the type to get up on your roof and clean out those gutters, by all means hire someone! Don’t go on-line to find a gutter cleaner! Ask someone you trust, who they use. If you don’t trust anyone, send me a message directly at AmandaLott@kw.com and I will send you a list of folks that have yet to upset our clients.

When water is not directed away from your home, it will flow into your basement, which is almost never covered by your regular homeowner’s insurance. Every spring and fall you have to make certain that downspouts are taking the water away from your home. You may need to re-grade. That means you need to bring some dirt or stone in to help the downspouts take the water away. You may need to shift some dirt or mulch around.   It doesn’t matter if your home is new, 5 year’s old, or 50 year’s old. After it rains, go to your basement. Look for signs of water around windows, look in corners, walk around the walls and edges.  Act quickly to address the source of any water intrusion.

If you ignore these rains, it will cost you a bundle in repairs or in market value when you sell your home. So be proactive, homeowners!

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