EarthQuake Felt in West Chester

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I was sitting in front of my computer just 5 minutes ago when the whole house started to shake. I thought it was a truck driving down South Church Street, where I live, but the shaking didn’t stop. My wife yelled to me, the room is shaking! I told her it wasn’t the room it was the house. I looked outside and my deck & the trees around it were shaking also. I then heard car alarms and car horns. A few people were outside asking if anyone else felt the shaking and, of course, we all did.

A Cable TV van pulled up and I asked if there was any Demo in the area that he may be aware of. He told me that while he was in Burger King parking lot he thought someone was shaking his van and exited the van to see no one. He noticed that other cars were shaking and people were getting out of their cars and laughing about everything shaking.

My wife called to me from our front door and informed all of us about and earthquake in
Virginia at a magnitude of 5.8. Then quakes tremors were felt in DC, NYC, and Baltimore as well as West Chester, PA!

I strongly urge people to prepare in case of after shocks or quake shifting.
Better safe than sorry. The ejit that is prepared turns into a genius in times of emergencies. Be safe and prepared!

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