Dr. Lauren Schofield Saves Another One!

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Yesterday I was in tears but today I am smiling from ear to ear.

Dr. Lauren Schofield of Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center healed me in the most astonishing way that I knew I had to sit down immediately at my computer and tell you all about it. However, in order to fully appreciate what I went through in the past two days, I need to give you a little background information. 

I was a collegiate athlete turned yoga instructor. After four years of soccer and basketball, I racked up the usual wear and tear from college sports – weak ankles, bad knees and a left shoulder that sounded like my morning cereal, “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” At the insistence of my friend, I bought a yoga mat, learned new words like Namaste and tried to channel Gumby. I was amazed at how my body responded in such a short timeframe. The pain in my ankles and knees subsided and I developed flexibility, strength and a calmness that my athletic career never gave me. However, my squawking shoulder never fully healed, no matter how many down dogs I performed.

About ten years flew by and the pain in my shoulder moved to encompass my neck. Yoga gave me temporary relief but the next day the pain would come back. I finally threw in the towel, begrudgingly acknowledging that I needed more than my mat. I turned to chiropractic care and went through three chiropractors before finding Dr. Lauren, as everyone calls her. I did not necessarily have a bad experience with the other chiropractors, but they didn’t make me feel any better than a yoga class and the pain would always come back.

Dr. Lauren was the first chiropractor to actually diagnose my problem and not just treat my symptoms. I have a reverse curve in my neck. A healthy cervical spine is shaped the way it is in order to support the weight of your head. My screwy neck is curving the opposite way and, therefore, the muscles in my neck and shoulders are picking up the slack to keep my head up. This is a chronic condition, developed over the years because I thought it was just normal to live with pain and, hey, lots of people cannot turn their head to the left, right? I now know that my original pain theory was moronic, at best.

Through regular adjustments of my subluxated spine (screwy neck), traction and Dr. Lauren’s secret weapon – the Erchonia PL5000 Low-Level Laser, my shoulder has quieted to a whisper and my neck is pain-free and completely mobile! (Yep, that is my before and after X-ray.) I was feeling so terrific that I began working out with a personal trainer. Previous to Dr. Lauren’s treatments, the only physical activity that did not bring me pain was yoga. However, my body was becoming conditioned for yoga classes and I started to lose muscle definition and gain weight. I needed to shock my body. Well, this past Tuesday, my body got quite a nasty shock.

I was late to my training session, not properly warmed up and, to be honest, my head was focused on my ‘to do’ list instead of what I was actually doing. Smack dab in the middle of the first round of circuit training, I yanked on the barbell for my sixth dead lift and my lower back yelled, “Pop!” which seemed to echo through my ears and across the gym. I had never had a back injury prior to this and I never fully appreciated the pain my dad, sister and husband went through when they injured their backs. (I have since called them to tell them so.) After the pop, my first thought was a series of expletives and then it was to call Dr. Lauren. She fit me in a few hours later and the incredible healing process began. I am in awe of her talent.

Now, you might ask, why was I not in awe of Dr. Lauren’s talent when she fixed my neck? When someone you know but haven’t seen for a long time loses weight, the transformation is drastic. You might exclaim, “Wow, you look amazing!” when you see them for the first time. You are experiencing the before and after but not the process. This is very similar to how I feel about my neck. The healing process was over a longer stretch of time because my neck was a chronic condition. I felt improvements with every chiropractic treatment, but it was a gradual change so I never had an, “Oh my goodness, I’m healed!” moment. My back, on the other hand, is a different story.

Dr. Lauren immediately pinpointed my L5 as the culprit, as well as soft tissue damage. My entire lower lumbar region was inflamed, making it difficult to walk, sit, lay down…pretty much any position hurt.

After my adjustment and low-level laser treatment, the pain had subsided a notch and I could at least stop tearing up with every movement of my spine. Dr. Lauren prescribed ice, rest and to come back the next day when the area was less inflamed.

Which brings us to today. I don’t know about you, but I find when you’re injured as an adult, treatment no longer includes mommy kisses, hugs or the phrase, “Mommy will make it all better” because now, you are the mommy or daddy. The emotional injury is disregarded and the physical takes precedence so you can get back in the game, also know as, the laundry, carpooling and grinding out the workday.

Dr. Lauren heals the whole patient by adjusting the cervical spine and wiping away tears at the same time. I was feeling defeated, old and incapable when I injured my back. Day two of treatment brought such incredible relief, both physically and emotionally, that I couldn’t stop saying, “Oh my goodness, you are a miracle worker!”  To which, the office exclaimed, “Dr. Lauren saves another one!”

Thank you Dr. Lauren Schofield for being, not just my chiropractor, but my healer. 


About Dr. Lauren Schofield

Dr. Lauren is a native of Chester County, PA. She was born and raised in Paoli, graduating from Conestoga High School. She developed a passion for community at an early age working at the Upper Main Line YMCA. Combining her strengths of competitive sports and community awareness, Dr Lauren received a Bachelor Of Science degree in Corporate Fitness from the Department of Physical Therapy at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. It was her work as a fitness trainer and a chiropractic assistant that inspired her to return to school four years later to become a chiropractor.

In 1994, after receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Dr. Schofield returned home to start her career as an associate doctor in a chiropractic office in Kennett Square. In just two years the office grew into one of the largest practices in the tri-state area. Dr. Schofield was instrumental in the integration of allopathic medicine and chiropractic medicine. She was the director of a team of medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists working together to achieve the best results for their patients. Dr. Schofield’s almost six-year experience at this extremely successful practice led her to develop a style all her own. In September of 2001, Dr. Schofield was invited to take over a practice in her then hometown of West Chester. Her passion for chiropractic medicine, work experience, and interest in the community have brought the Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center where it is today.

Dr. Schofield remains involved in many charitable and educational groups in the community. She is a member of the Eastern Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, a Community Volunteers in Medicine Volunteer, Arthritis Foundation Exercise Trainer, Chester County Hospital Event Volunteer, Exton Chamber Member, and a Women in Motion Member. Dr. Schofield has been on television as a guest host on QVC with various health products. She has her own radio show weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm on WCHE 1520 AM called, “Wellness 411,” promoting awareness and education of today’s hot health care topics.  In addition to “Wellness 411” she is now on WCHE’s “Morning Magazine” news show on Thursdays from 7:00 am – 9:00 am.  The Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center and Dr. Schofield are committed to providing patients with the most complete and advanced treatment in a friendly environment.

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