Dr. Lauren Schofield’s Low-Level Laser Featured on Dr. Oz!

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The Erchonia Low-Level Laser was featured on a recent episode of Dr. Oz. Check out the video below!

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This treatment is called the Erchonia PL5000. It is a low level laser for the treatment of chronic pain, muscle and nerve condition, wound healing, sports injuries, arthritis and edema. This revolutionary new laser treatment is futuristic technology at best.

Treatment with the laser produces many benefits including optimized oxygenation, increased tensile strength of newly healed tissue, reduced swelling, increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, improved cellular metabolism and repair and many more positive benefits.

The PL5000 is the first cold laser to receive approval by the FDA.  The PL5000 puts out the same coherent light energy and frequency as human cells do. Unlike the heat lasers, which are used in surgery to cut problem tissue, the low level laser does not generate heat and destroy tissue; instead it stimulates healing. This accelerates the communication within the body.

The low level laser fits right into the healing principles of Advanced Chiropractic. The doctors are always striving to achieve a whole body healing for our patients. Chiropractic is at the root of this approach. That is why for the laser’s effectiveness it must be performed with a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, Lance Armstrong’s doctor, helped him make a miraculous recovery from cancer to win the Tour de France. Many doctors believe his laser treatments played a big role in his recovery.

Many other professional athletes and sports teams such as the Major League Baseball and the National Football League have been using the Erchonia PL5000 since it’s FDA approval.

For more information call and ask how the low level laser would benefit your health today.


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