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It all started with an apron. A friend of mine, who has family recipes that date back to her great-grandmother, recently gave me a lovely birthday present – a beautiful and stylish apron from Dop Dop Designs. As I pulled the apron over my head and tied it securely at my waist, my friend squealed with delight, “You have to wear it every time you cook!” I politely responded, “Thank you so much, but I don’t know how to put this…I don’t cook.”


Her smile only faded for a quick second until a light bulb clicked on and her eyes twinkled with an idea. “How about we have a cooking party! I will bring the recipes, you bring your apron. By the end of the evening, your cookbook will be filled with recipes and your apron will be properly initiated with egg yolk, flour, and sauce stains galore!”


Our little cooking party quickly grew from three people to ten to fifteen! The wine was flowing, aprons were billowing and delightful aromas were wafting from my kitchen. A whole new world opened for me as I stirred, whisked and poured. I escaped with only one burn and a slight headache the next morning from the abundant wine.

Who knew cooking could be so much fun! We continue to expand our apron club by donning new members with Dop Dop Design aprons. If you would like to meet the owner and artisan behind Dop Dop Designs, Jaime Williams, and maybe start an apron club of your own, visit 25 jährige frau sucht reichen mann why not look here phrase d'accroche profil site de rencontre free online dating site list site de rencontre chretienne au canada how do you stop dating someone Bella & Betty Gift and Home Boutique this Friday at 6:00 and enjoy light refreshments and champagne for this week’s Artisan Spotlight.

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