Don’t Let the Time Change Throw You Off

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This Sunday you will gain an hour when daylight saving time ends at 2am. But spending that hour in bed after sunrise will do you a little favors in the long run, experts say. “Only if your body clock is tuned to waking up with sunlight, you’re going to benefit.”

The body clock is a cluster of neurons deep inside the brain that generates a circadian rhythm. The cycle spans roughly 24 hours.

The signal is SUNLIGHT! “It corrects the cycle from approximately 24 hours to precisely 24 hours.” But when the sleep-wake and the light-dark cycles do not line up, people can feel out-of-sync, tired and grumpy.

Use these 5 tips to fall back from daylight saving time:

  1. Wake up at your normal time on Sunday.
  2. Eat well and exercise Sunday
  3. Get a GOOD night’s sleep on Sunday.
  4. Try a low dose of melatonin
  5. Know that your body will eventually adjust.

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