“Do not go down the water slide on your stomach” Why my Mom is correct 99% of the time.

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So, back to my story, my family and I were at a water park, and there was a sign that said “Do not go down the water slide on your stomach”. My mom warned me not to do it, but I did it anyway (I was a big kid now! After all, I wasn’t wearing Pampers anymore.) Boy did I pay for that big girl mistake! I went down that water slide and ripped up my entire stomach at the bottom on the rough part of the slide. I remember the burning sensation I got when my parents tried cleaning it. They used hydrogen peroxide and it burned bad enough that I remember this story almost 15 years later.

Usually my mom isn’t the only one that is right though. My parents have some sort of team effort. When one of them predicts something, the other can usually predict what will happen right after that. It’s a true gift. Do all parents have this gift? Before I decided I was going to attend West Chester University, my mom and dad both told me that I would end up there, that it would be a mistake not to go here because they knew I would love it. They were right again! I could have called that one.

This fall marks my first semester in an apartment, my first time ever living on my own. Whenever someone asks me whether I like living in the apartment or on campus better I always say on campus. It was much easier when all I needed to worry about was keeping my room clean. Now I have monthly bills (which seem to show up much more frequent than just once a month), need to make time to go grocery shopping, and I’m actually starting to feel like a grown up.

It’s a scary process, going from worrying about only a handful of things to worrying about a bunch of different handfuls of things. I think a lot of college students feel the same way. I’m finally starting to feel a little more settled here though. I’ve been in my apartment for 2 months now and each day I find a new place to put something, which makes more sense than its original place. It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m on my own and providing for myself with a little help from my parents, instead of completely relying on them. Without the direction they provided me, I don’t think I would feel as comfortable though. My parents really provided me with the knowledge I needed when I started living on my own and although we may not thank our parents as much as they deserve it we all appreciate what they’ve done for us.


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