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“To whom much is given, much will be required…” – Luke 12:48

During the holiday season, we are reminded that we build memories based on traditions. We build character based on our beliefs and our behavior. As parents, we hope that our children will carry on the traditions and legacies we’ve taught them because long after the toys and gifts are gone- the experiences remain. Children are like small seedlings…they need to be nurtured, watered, and guided toward the light. Simply putting all kinds of dirt and a fancy pot around them isn’t enough. We must teach them HOW to grow into healthy, balanced individuals who can nurture themselves- and others. Sure- there’s nothing wrong with giving gifts to loved ones- but why not use this holiday to give something more meaningful?

The holiday break is much needed this time of year- for everyone. Instead of rushing through it- consider using this time to focus on the responsibility of receiving. Right now, you and your children aren’t distracted by homework, sports, or the hustle of a school day. Take a moment – and enjoy slowing down! Then, realize that this is an opportunity to affect the person your child becomes. Make them use some of their days off to focus on others. Provide them with outlets to:

1. Volunteer their time.

2. Donate toys and books.

3. Visit a nursing home and spend time with the forgotten members of our society (Who, by the way – have a wealth of life experiences and wisdom to share!)

4. Make a meal together for a family in need who might not have had a lavish holiday.

Teach your children that the responsibility of receiving involves what we do with what we are given. The holidays are an excellent time for reflection- and for watching that seedling take root and reach for the sun.

This responsibility isn’t reserved for just the holidays, either. When school begins again, students will gain new knowledge and discover their abilities both in and out of the classroom. Teach them that receiving isn’t limited to tangible gifts. They are privileged every day to have the opportunity to learn – and to decide to do something good with it. Giving can often be a far greater joy than receiving. Focus on what life is really about – not the things that fade away.

Triumph Tutoring, Inc. supports building integrity and character through both academic and life experiences. We hope to guide today’s generation to become the kind of adults who will support one another, live selflessly, and take responsibility for the choices they make in life. Together, let’s make the holidays stand out as a reminder that the greatest gift one can give is themselves- their time, their unique gifts- for the well being of others.

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