Did someone move the clown out front?

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Back in one of our Sea Isle houses three of the guys in our house who shall remain nameless got the idea while drunk one night to steal this 7 foot mechanical clown that waved at cars and was stationed outside of Delaware County Memorial Hospital. 
They had to cut a chain off the clown and run across  Lansdowne Ave, a very busy road, while carrying this 7′ clown.
Then slid it into one roommate’s,  lets call him “Mikey”, moms station wagon and high tailed it out of there. 
I’m sure none of this looked odd at 3 am in Drexel Hill. 
We came down that weekend and found this giant, terrifying looking clown on our deck, plugged in and waving at the world. 
Because when you steal something that big there’s nothing smarter than displaying it on a deck, on the main road in Sea Isle, a town where much of Delaware County goes to vacation. 
The funniest part is 6 months later one of the thieves, let’s call him “Jimmy” was at a family gathering and his sister Barbara was telling a story that some jerkoffs had stolen the clown she had rented to support a carnival Delaware County Memorial was putting on as a fund raiser.  
Me, “What’d she say when you told her it was you?”
Jimmy, “I’ll let you know..”

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