Deck the Halls While All Decked Out

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Tis the season to be booked up every weekend. Best Friend Betty is having a soirée which will undoubtedly be filled with cheap beers, forever friends and censored Facebook pics. Next weekend your Auntie Alice is hosting a family gathering with delicious home made hor d’oeuvres, the cutest little cousins around, and the predictable meltdown between Cousin Carl and Uncle Ernie. And OH MY GOSH we can’t forget the holiday work party and yes…you have to go. And despite that creepy IT guy that will be ogling you with that glassy eyed stare, the wine is good and the mini quiches are better than Lean Cuisine. Each of these parties will be a completely different atmosphere, and there are special rules of decorum for each occasion – most importantly what’s appropriate to wear.

Here are some ideas to help you kick start your Holiday Party shopping madness.

Below you’ll find some outfits for Bestie Betty’s shindig. Get sexy, go glitzy and take risks. Short is ok. Cleavage? Go for it. You’re gunning for a party foul by the end of the evening anyway, right? Your friends won’t judge your look because who knows your true personal style better than they do?

Auntie Alice’s family extravaganza is a little different. Grandma might not approve of your Friday night bar wear and no one wants to upset Grandma. So go a little sweeter while still looking festive. Sparkle away and go for more florals and lace but please keep it tucked in and covered. The Elf on the Shelf could be watching!

And last, but possibly the most difficult tricky, is what to wear for the annual office party. Here is when you want to be able to add some personal flare to your outfits since the black trousers and button downs are such a bummer to wear Monday through Friday. The key here is balance. If you’re going with a shorter skirt, stay a little more modest on top with a higher scoop neck. A bit of cleavage peeking is ok, but stick with a mid thigh length skirt or longer or perhaps more fullness on the bottom. Keep it classy and if your boss raises an eyebrow when you enter the bash, grab that emergency blazer from the car and you won’t be the subject of water cooler convos on Monday.

So deck the halls while all decked out! You want to be the center of the party because of your outstanding personality not for your outrageous outfit and if you stick with these simple rules and you won’t go wrong!


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