Dare to Wear Red!

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Contrary to popular belief, introverts do wear red.  If you are an extrovert, this week won’t apply to you, but round up those introverted friends that wonder “how you do it” and make this required reading.
Red is a strongly feminine color.  Sure, it is a power color–it shows that you mean business in the courtroom or the boardroom–but it is also a color that women wear that transforms the drab blacks, browns, blues and grays to “wow” and “shazaam”.  Women in red make heads turn.  Women in read inherently have more confidence…give it a try.
The safest way to add red?  As a pop of color!  Try it in the infinity scarf or red on the nails.  That is the easiest and safest way to add the pop of color.  If you master that baby step then  go bigger.  This season, go for red leggings or red pants.  Paired with almost any color, they will always look fresh and bright.  Add black boots and you’ll be a force to reckon with on a date.  Add gray booties to remake Casual Friday from boring to bold!
And on these dreary winter months, make things just a little brighter with a gorgeous red bag.  The bag doesn’t have to cost a lot to accomplish your goal: a pop of color that brings cheer and breaks up the monotony of monochrome gray that surrounds us.
At Clothes Mentor, we know that just that little pop of color can take an outfit from ho-hum to “Hello Beautiful!”  Our Team of stylists are exceptionally talented at putting together colors and styles to give your look a freshness that won’t break the bank.  At Clothes Mentor, the Team makes Frugal Look Fabulous.
Our Team Recommendations:
Sara (pictured right): I am an introvert but I love my red lipstick!  I carry it everywhere with me.  I like red accessories to help me stand out and make me feel more confident.
Alyssa W. (pictured left): Red makes me want to dance.  It’s sassy.  It looks good on every skin tone and always makes people happy…and women feel better when they have the little something extra going on like a pop of red.
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