Community Supports Firefighter

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On Saturday night I had the honor to join my community to support a volunteer firefighter in need. There was a Fundraiser at the Goodwill Fire Company on Union Street to help one of their own raise funds to fight pancreatic cancer. Jimmy has lived in West Chester all his life and is a volunteer fireman…for 24 years!

I know most of you attended because there had to be more than 2,000 people there. It was an amazing night. The organizers and volunteers of this event should be so proud. Their love and support for Jimmy and his family was returned by the out pouring of support from their community. Cheers to all of you, fantastic work.

Jimmy, you and I have never met, but with God’s grace and the support of your family and friends, you will beat this. I look forward to one day meeting you.

Dr. Lauren

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